I work at EMERGE to make a difference.  To genuinely provide individuals who are even considering doing the right thing the supports to continue their journey.  It’s important to me that I practice this concept of forgiveness and love.  Of not being judgmental.  Of valuing each and every other human being regardless of mistakes they have made.  Of genuinely honoring someone’s presence.  Somebody gave me an opportunity, and I work really hard now to make sure I can give that same opportunity to somebody else.     
I work at EMERGE to make my community a better place.  This organization means the world to me.  I’ve seen so many people come through our doors who are sincerely looking for a chance, and are willing to try new things to make a better life for themselves and their families.  I work here because of them.  I work with the most passionate people I’ve ever met.  They inspire me every day.  We run effective programs that I’m truly proud of, and we are always challenging ourselves to get better outcomes.  I couldn’t ask for a better place to learn, grow, and make a real impact.    


I work at EMERGE because I am on a mission to reach our youth before they become involved or too comforatble with the revolving doors of the prison and criminal justice systems. I also believe as Ron Conway did, "We all have a responsibility to give back." No one becomes successful without lots of hard work, support from others, and a little luck. Giving back creates a virtuous cycle that makes everyone more successful. 
EMERGE's mission is truly inspiring. I saw an opportunity to share my talents with great people who honestly want to learn what I have to offer.  The staff and leadership give me a sense of belonging and i know that they will help me evolve into a more purposeful person for my community. I sincerely feel it's the career path I needed! The honesty, compassion, and dedication to the people we serve is very real! EMERGE is an amazing place.

TINO NEGRON | Assistant Program Manager
I am a returning citizen, an ex-offender, that has benefited from the resources and concern that EMERGE Connecticut, Inc. has provided as a liason to my transition back into the community. They are not merely a form of employment, but more importantly EMERGE has provided an environment that cares about the development and state of mind of everyone involved in the agenct. I am a proud member of this community and of what it means to honestly help others. 
I joined EMERGE because I believe the development of youth is extremely important. EYB provides opportunities and resources that many youth are not aware of. I want to be able to show a positive path of growth and experiences. Every day is a learning experience. I hope to make a difference and see our youth succeed. 
DAVID HOCK | Construction Instructor
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JOHANNA CARTAGENA | Senior Supervisor
I work at EMERGE because I learn something every day.  It helps me grow and helps keep me motivated.  I like to work with the people that come here and help give them a second chance, an opportunity in life, and show them that there is better stuff out there.    

I like working at EMERGE because through this program I am helping rebuild my community one house at a time. I also get the opportunity to meet and work with good people. Plus EMERGE is helping me further my education. 
I work at EMERGE because I was given an opportunity to seek employment and I just took full advantage of that opportunity.  I stay here because it’s family-oriented, structured, and I get to give people that come here the same training that was given to me.    
I love to work at EMERGE because I love giving back to the community.  Plus, I realize I can help somebody else.  I believe in the program.  When I first got here, I realized that not every day was going to be easy.  What you put in is what you get out.  When you put hard work into your life, things start working in your favor.  That’s what I want others to see when they get here.    

DON WILLIAMS | Senior Crew Chief/Supervisor
I work at EMERGE because I love helping other people like myself.  I came here because when I was looking for work and no one wanted to take a chance on me, EMERGE was willing to take a chance on me.  I stayed because I realized that I was in a position to help the people coming in after me, and help give them the same shot that I got.    
SANTOS COLON | Assistant Crew Chief
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RODNEY ANDRE | Assistant Crew Chief
Working at EMERGE is a blessing for me because I have never worked for an Employer whose primary goal was to keep me off the streets. EMERGE provided stability and a purpose that I gear up for every morning. I have learned hard skills, soft skills to move forward with for my future as a Man, a Father, a Son, a Brother and as a Leader.