EMERGE's success is due largely in part to the dedication of community volunteers. Whether you are a student or a professional, there are opportunities for volunteering abound. 

EMERGE has opportunities for volunteers to pair up with an individual crew member as an advocate or mentor.  Here are some areas where EMERGE needs your help.

Education Specialist      
  • Tutor EMERGE participants who may not have had success in our literacy and numeracy classroom training to help them increase reading and math levels.
  • Assist EMERGE crew members with GED, SAT, or ACT preparation.

Education Liaison
  • Act as a liaison between EMERGE and adult education, community colleges, and local universities to give a crew member the individual attention needed to navigate the enrollment process.

  • EMERGE is looking for individuals with experience working with high-risk populations who may want to volunteer and be matched up as an individual mentor to an EMERGE crew member.

Financial Specialist
  • Advocates with a financial background that would be willing to assist EMERGE crew members with credit repair, banking issues, etc.

EMERGE has opportunities for volunteers with professional expertise in administrative roles who can help us in the following areas:

Fund Development
  • Researching and exploring possibilities around diversifying funding sources with a focus on supporting program services at EMERGE.
  • Assisting in grant writing efforts

Financial Assistance
  • Volunteers with expertise in accounting and finance that would help us increase capacity in our organizational financial oversight.

Interested in Becoming a Volunteer? Let Us Know. 

Volunteer Interests:
Area of Expertise: