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EMERGE Connecticut, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit corporation that operates as a social enterprise committed to helping formerly incarcerated persons make a succssful return to their families as responsible members, and to their communities as law-abiding, contributing citizens. 

EMERGE uses the  methods, strategies and disciplines of business, and the power and opportunities of the marketplace to advance its social impact. What makes EMERGE unique among local nonprofits is the significant levels of self-generated income from business activities that are used to fund the organization's operations. 

Our "Earn and Learn" model provides each member with the experience of learning marketable work skills appropriate employment behaviors, and improving their basic education skills within a workplace environment, while earning an income within the framework of a transitional work component that can last as long as six (6) months. 
Working to Make it Right
EMERGE relies on the support of our community volunteers and friends. Send us your contact information and we'll contact you as volunteer opportunities become available with EMERGE's program and community service efforts.

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The Difference that Makes a Difference

Unlike most nonprofits, EMERGE Connecticut, Inc. operates as a social enterprise which allows us to use revenue to hire and pay our participants as "crew members" while they receive program components that lower recidivism.
Hire an EMERGE work crew for your next project. We specialize in residential deconstruction, general landscaping, painting, snow removal, and property cleanups.  We take pride in our work and  guarantee customer satisfaction.

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