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Approximately 1,200 men and women who are released from prison return to New Haven each year. Many of these individuals need housing, employment, mental health and primary care services, and a support system to help them get reacclimated to life outside of prison.

EMERGE Connecticut, Inc. is a social enterprise that helps the formerly incarcerated make a successful return to their communities by providing employment services, literacy and numeracy tutoring, counseling, a support system, and other services. EMERGE crewmembers are offered paid, part-time training in construction, landscaping and property management while also engaging in an array of unpaid program components designed to promote behavioral change. This combination of  on-the-job training and program services has proven successful with New Haven’s re-entry population since July of 2011.

Our Mission

EMERGE Connecticut, Inc., is a social enterprise with a  commitment to helping formerly incarcerated individuals and at-risk youth make a successful return to their families as responsible members, and to their communities as law-abiding, contributing citizens.
Break the Cycle. Build Community. Bring Hope.
Hire an EMERGE work crew for your next project. We specialize in residential deconstruction, general landscaping, painting, snow removal, and property cleanups.  We take pride in our work and  guarantee customer satisfaction.

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